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Ming P. Liang, founding member of Monkey Museum, is a disabled person with Poliomyelitis. Born during a time of civil war in Saigon, Vietnam. Ming escaped government oppression and immigrated to the United States during the late 70s in hopes of a better life. Despite his disability, Ming has held a wide range of jobs from dishwashing, post office sub-division, investigators, sales staff, multilevel marketing, census representative. Currently, along with managing Monkey Museum, Ming runs multiple online businesses specializing in health care products and home goods. He also serves as a senior advisor for Chinese-America Disability Livings Today, a non-profit organization specializing in assisting disabled people. Lastly, in his spare time Ming loves meeting new people by driving for Uber and Lyft.

A collector of Monkey memorabilia for the past 38 years. His collection is a display of his persistent attitude, desire for new experiences and love for travel.

“Each item represents a unique personal experience, as well as a reminder to never take life for granted and never stop working towards your dreams.”

Ming is currently working towards opening a museum to raise awareness and fund efforts towards wildlife preservation. Since conception of Monkey Museum in 2015, Ming has worked with countless sponsors and has received donations from across the world. Ming welcomes and wishes to meet all individuals that have interests in his efforts.


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