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I am Ming Liang.

I was born in 1955 and emigrated to the United States in early 1979.

I am a disabled person with Poliomyelitis, so it is more difficult to find a job in any place. But I am a workaholic and working very hard. The work I have been doing: dishwashing, post office sub-division, investigators, sales staff, multilevel marketing, census representative…etc. Also run the mini market shop, health food shop, and from 2015 to now, I am a UBER and LYFT driver.

I like to travel, and love to collect monkeys. I collected different products of monkey all over the world. Such as daily necessities, stationery, coins, stamps, greeting cards, postcard, toys, books, game, movies……etc. (All items will be launched in our website.)

I also have a dream to build a monkey museum, as which I have collected monkeys, or everyone sent me monkeys. The museum will be built with a monkey gift shop, monkey game room, a mini family cinema play monkey film, as well as a small restaurant, a place where people can be entertained, or a good place for friends to meet.

Because my personal ability and resources are limited, Now, I am starting to accept donations, each monkey items will be given a name by the donor, and you can use your own name. From $ 5, by the time the future monkey museum set up, each monkey has a nametag, date and city.

This project welcomes you to promote, support or investment.
Please text: 909-348-4221

Further details can be discussed in person, thank you for your support and cooperation. Or email: monkeymuseum1@gmail.com

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